Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Who took the jam outta your doughnut?

You probably remember this track being played in the recent Far Too Loud Down Under Mix. Expect hard hitting electro psy breaks!

Snapcrack is a shared venture in creating a new style inspired by electro, hip hop, drum 'n' bass, rock and many other influences!

I don't know much about Callum B other than he's from Plymouth but this huge remix is going to cause of bit of a stir in the dubstep scene. BIIIIG!

I can imagine myself hearing this at the Shangri La area in Glastonbury Festival and losing my mind.

I'm a big fan of this remix from Foamo, heavy and raw! You can catch Foamo & RackNRuin playing at Monkey, Swansea on 26th Feb.

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