Sunday, 12 December 2010

You guys give up yet? Or are you hungry for more?

Lance Lasheras aka THE SLAG has just released his first EP "Midnight Express". I'm really liking his sound, I can imagine the first track being on a remake of the classic Nintendo game Super Mario Bros. The second track takes a different approach and sounds more club orientated. *Please note the two tracks below are 2 minute previews*

This next track has been getting alot of hype recently, many people wrote off Afrojack after his last few releases were rather tame. Afrojack comes back in true fashion with Replica and trust me it's an absolute belter!!!
---> DOWNLOAD: Afrojack - Replica

One of my favourite DJ Antention tracks to date
---> DOWNLOAD: DJ Antention - Reactro

You'll probably recognize the name Mellefresh from her collaborations with Deadmau5 which included "Hey Baby" and "Attention Whore". Dirtyloud grab their hands on her track "Sleazee" and transform it into an electro house bomb!

BONUS - Brand new track from Uppermost, the drops in this song are HUGE!

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