Thursday, 9 December 2010

See Who Gives A Fuck

Get ready to be blown away, this is seriously jaw dropping shizzle!
---> DOWNLOAD: Aaren Reale - Black EP

Deadmau5 doing dubstep, I quite like this track. It's gotta be said though, all the vocals with Sofi are so close to being annoying but somehow he makes it work?! I suppose that's why he's at the top.

Lazy Rich takes a different direction with this house track, no doubt this will gain lots of radio play!

I saw Two Door Cinema club at Glastonbury and was impressed, check out this remix by the multi talented Myd. Myd has got his hands on everything, a well respected sound engineer, producer, DJ and also the synth player in the band Sexual Earthquake.

And finally...... Andy's iLL + Lamb of God = you shitting yourself! Go get a spare pair of pants and listen at your on discretion!

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