Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Lick The Rainbow

It's been ages since i've posted something on here! I've been so busy with work and enjoying the weather I haven't had any time, sorry guys.

This track has been a huge success across all the digital music stores. It reminds me of a collaboration between Deadmau5/Wolfgang Gartner but still keeping the Mord Fustang sound. Big, big tune. Download and enjoy!
---> DOWNLOAD: Mord Fustang - Lick The Rainbow

Hypster is another artist on the same infamous label as Mord Fustang, plasmapool(Miles Dyson). As you'd expect this tune was another recent success on beatport,juno,etc. Reminds me alot of Miles Dysons other remixes, Epic!
---> DOWNLOAD: Hypster - The Uprising

One of Brazil's finest electro artists Dirtyloud have taken the scene by storm in the last year. They're one of those artists where you know every track is going to blow you away. "Needle" is no different, they've definitely taken a more dubby electro bass sound with their recent tracks. If you like Skrillex you'll love this.
---> DOWNLOAD: Dirtyloud feat. Sirreal - Needle

Next up we have the musical genius that is Oli Cash aka Far Too Loud. You know what to expect by now with FTL, jump around, get skanking or sit back and try and figure out how Oli's actually managed to create the music that your ears are feasting upon.
---> DOWNLOAD: Millions Like Us - Don't Let Go(Far Too Loud Remix)

Zedd, the biggest thing to come out of Germany since the Frankfurter. This track isn't really my cup of tea, I really like some parts but on the whole it's not something i'd put on to listen. But in saying that you have to respect how HUGE Zedd has become and how much bigger he's going to get. Maybe he's Germany's answer to David Guetta?!
---> DOWNLOAD: Diddy Dirty Money - Ass On The Floor(Zedd Remix)

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