Thursday, 7 July 2011

What A Rush!!!

The drops in this song are unreal, I had it on repeat at least 5 times the first time I heard it. If you want to listen to something to pump you up then this is what your ears crave!

TON!C is a 19 year old producer from USA and I expect we'll be hearing that name a lot over the next year. "Me" has been gaining some serious attention in the last couple of weeks and promises to be one of the big hits of the summer! You may recognise the sample "Once Again" also used by techno banger Da Fresh.

Audiobotz are Australian duo Mick Matias and Jay Whatley and have been making some of the funkiest bootlegs i've heard for a while, You might remember I posted the Mousse T remix last year. This time round they've refixed Lars Moston & Philip De Boyar's track "So Sick". This will get the dancefloor jumping.

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