Thursday, 20 January 2011

Asian Trash Boy

Another outstanding French electro producer for you to keep your eyes on. I did download a ATB remix a while ago but never took the time to check out his other work. This fella will literally smash your face with his energic sets mixing Dirty Clubbing, Electro Trash, Rock, Dubstep and Hip Hop! After a noticable appearance @ Bikini, Toulouse, opportunities multiply and ATB finds himself playing all around Europe (Belgium, Germany, Italy and France of course...). Here are 3 jaw dropping bangers to enjoy whilst doing somersaults on your bed.

---> DOWNLOAD: Blur - Song 2 (Asian Boy Trash remix) <- so good.

Funkiest electro i've ever heard. I'd love to do 120mph on the motorway listening to this...
---> DOWNLOAD:  Asian Trash Boy - Dirty Lenny!

Plenty more where these came from right here ---> Asian Trash Boy's Soundcloud.

This is his latest remix which is available to buy on beatport now!

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